When "One Size" Doesn't Fit All

Prime Legacy Mortgage Group's mortgage professionals have over 20 years of experience creating solutions to problems that others have said could not be solved.  THIS is what we pride ourselves on. 

How many times have you been told your income isn't the type of income we allow OR the loan amount you are requesting is outside of the maximum allowed?  Well, at Prime Legacy Mortgage Group, we take the time to learn your specific needs and challenges to find the best mortgage program to fit your needs.  With over 30 banking relations, we have access to a vast array of programs most have never heard of.

We have provided tailored mortgages for such professionals as:

* Pro- Athletes

* Doctors/Dentists

* Attorneys

* Travel Nurses


*Small business owners

* The list goes on...

Do not let the lack of tax returns or W2s prevent you from purchasing or refinancing the home of your dreams.  Prime Legacy Mortgage Group has programs that can use bank statements to qualify you, CPA letter and even assets from a Trust.  Most of these loans start at a 580 credit score and loan amounts can go up to $5 million. 

We are in the solutions business!

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